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Welcome to the webpage of Southport Slimming Clinic, qualified nutritionist, Sports nutritionist , Allergy Tester, Diabetes Risk Assessor & personal trainers in Southport. Southport Slimming Clinic provides a range of professional and reliable personal trainer and nutritionist services in and around Southport.  Southport Slimming Clinic are nutritionist specialists when it comes to Nutrition & Slimming Our nutritionist will provide you all the help and Support that you will need.

Weight Loss
Intolerance Testing For Humans & Animals
Diabetes Risk Assessment
Eating Disorders
Sports Nutrition
Toning & Personal Training on Power Plates.
Swimming Pool Hire

With Regards To Exercise Our personal trainer will Personally Train You On Our Power Plates...Never Tried These...Then Come and give them a go!  They are a high speed Vibration Training Machine, which enables you to give your whole body a Full Workout in just 30 minutes!  The workout is low impact exercises suitable for All Ages, Shapes & Levels of Fitness. The Results are Amazing & You'll See a Difference within 6 Sessions!  Below are just some of the benefits of exercising on these machine: Reduces Cellulite, Tones the Upper & Lower Body, Improves Circulation, Improves Flexibility, Increases Bone Density, Reduces Lower Back Pain, Regenerates Damaged Tissue, Reduces Fat & Aids Weight Loss, Increase Metabolism, Increases Muscle Strength, Flushes Toxins From Your Body, Reduces Thread Veins, Reduces Stress, Improves Skin Condition.

All Southport Slimming Clinic Client's will receive A FREE Trial Session On The Plates when they come for their 1st  Weight Loss Program Consultation.

If you are in search of a Slimming clinic in Liverpool and require the knowledge and experience of a Friendly and Supportive Weight Loss Program , then here at Southport Slimming Clinic we would love to help.  We are well known throughout Southport, Liverpool, Preston, Ormskirk, Manchester & Many Other Areas, We  Also Offer A "Remote Weight Loss" Program for those clients unable to visit us here at Southport Slimming Clinic and currently have clients in Birmingham, Leeds, London & Spain. Our Success Rate is Fantastic with Both Clinic Client's and Remote Weight Loss Clients, both benefiting from the Support they receive from us here at Southport Slimming Clinic

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nutritionist in Crosby

As a professional slimming clinic, we hold many years of experience in All Areas of Nutrition and Sports Nutrition.  Our nutritionists, at Southport Slimming Clinic have the skills and experience to assist you with all your Nutritional enquiries and deliver a service that meets the individual needs of every one of our clients. Whether it is Weight Loss, IBS, Intolerance Testing, Diabetic risk assessment or General Nutritional advice, Sports Nutrition Advice, here at Southport Slimming Clinic we are always on hand to help, advise and support.  We understand the importance of customer service and we will ensure that you will find your visit to us a Friendly, Supportive, Comfortable and Informative experience . Please feel free to browse our list of extensive services:

- nutritionist
- nutritionists
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- slimming clinic

Southport nutritionist

Southport Slimming Clinic pride them self on the ability to undertake all types of work including Southport nutritionist for a wide range of customers. We complete all work to a high standard and provide a professional service at all times.

Nutritionists in Chorley

So if you're looking for a Nutritionists in Chorley or even a Personal trainer in Crosby, then do not hesitate to contact Southport Slimming Clinic. We can be contacted on the details above and we would be more than happy to help you with all of your enquiries.
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Southport Slimming Clinic
Dog C Her sore, red painful skin prior to having the Intolerance test :(
Dog C Before Intolerance Testing
Dog C Her sore, red painful skin prior to having the Intolerance test :(
3 Weeks after Dog C having her Intolerance test & the redness has gone :)
Dog C 3 Weeks After Cutting Out Intolerant Items
3 Weeks after Dog C having her Intolerance test & the redness has gone :)
This shows Dog C, 8 weeks after having her intolerance Test with no redness & new hair growth :)
Dog C 8 Weeks Later With New Hair Growth After Cutting Out Intolerant Items
This shows Dog C, 8 weeks after having her intolerance Test with no redness & new hair growth :)
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Intolerance Testing

Posted Monday 17 Aug 2015 11:49 AM
Food Allergy versus Food Intolerance
"Around One or Two people out of every 100 in the UK have a food allergy, but many more people have food intolerances”
Here at Southport Slimming Clinic together with Our Fantastic Laboratory that we have teamed up with. We Are Now Pleased To Announce That We Can Test For Intolerances.
Yet many people seem to be confused between the terms “Intolerance” and “Allergy”, so here is a brief explanation to separate the two.

What is a food intolerance?
Food intolerances are much more common than food allergies. The symptoms of food intolerances tend to come on more slowly, often many hours after eating the problem food. Typical symptoms include bloating, stomach cramps, diarrhoea and constipation.

It’s possible to be intolerant to several different foods at once and this can make it difficult to identify which foods are causing the problem. The best way to solve this is to keep a food diary detailing what you have eaten and subsequently what symptoms you have had. By doing this for a few weeks you will be able to remove any offending items from your diet.

However, it's far easier & quicker to be tested, as food diaries can take time & how many of us will eat black pepper or dill or yeast to see if you have a reaction to these items & not eat/drink anything else within a several hour time peroid. . . None that I know! Yet, these are just some of the items that can trigger an intolerant reaction.

What is a food allergy?
A food allergy is a rapid and potentially dangerous response to a food by your immune system. It can trigger classic allergy symptoms such as a rash, wheezing and itching.

The most common food allergies among adults are fish, shellfish and nuts – including peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts and Brazil nuts. Children often have allergies to milk and eggs as well as to peanuts, other nuts and fish. Children can sometimes grow out of a milk allergy by the age of three but an allergy is usually a lifelong affliction that can only be controlled by removing this item you’re your diet.

Nutritionists in Liverpool

Posted Friday 18 Oct 2013 08:19 PM

Slimming clinic Liverpool

Posted Sunday 13 Oct 2013 08:19 PM

Personal trainer Crosby

Posted Friday 11 Oct 2013 08:19 PM

Personal trainer Southport

Posted Sunday 06 Oct 2013 08:20 PM

Southport personal trainer

Posted Friday 04 Oct 2013 08:19 PM

Personal trainer in Southport

Posted Sunday 29 Sep 2013 08:20 PM

Nutritionist in Liverpool

Posted Friday 27 Sep 2013 08:21 PM

Nutritionist Liverpool

Posted Sunday 22 Sep 2013 08:20 PM

Formby personal trainer

Posted Friday 20 Sep 2013 08:20 PM
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power plates

Posted Thursday 05 Nov 2015 07:02 PM
Really enjoy the sessions gives me a lot more energy great sessions and feeling healthier thanks guys appreciate your support x

Great for your health

Posted Tuesday 18 Aug 2015 08:38 PM
I have been attending for some time now, i go to the power plate sessions upto 3 times a week, these sessions are great for everyone. They are good for toning, circulation and they help ease my bad back! Dina and Ant are both fabulous trainers who adapt the exercises to suit each persons ability.

Ann Nelson

Posted Tuesday 18 Aug 2015 01:15 PM
I have been attending the clinic for over a year and I also do the plates . The clinic is very supportive and give you great advice .feel healthy have loss weight and it is the best decision I made to join

herbal tablets

Posted Tuesday 18 Aug 2015 12:11 PM
Best thing I ever did. Allowing me to reestablish my relationship with food, eating when I need to rather than out of boredom or a host of other reasons. I have never felt as healthy as I do now, not since I was twenty something ! I shed the weight, I look good and I feel GREAT ! Thank you.


Posted Tuesday 18 Aug 2015 10:48 AM
We take my little boy swimming and he loves it. The pool is fantastic ... very clean and lovely and warm and really good value. Great facilities for changing. Everyone is so friendly and helpful.
Definitely recommended.

only place to go

Posted Tuesday 18 Aug 2015 10:44 AM
attend for a while and wouldn't of known I had a intolerant to wheat if it were not for Dina. When I couldn't make a session I requested double time to catch up and she put me threw it with amazing results. the clinic is spotless and the pool facilities are also available to use. the southport slimming clinic team take your needs into consideration first unlike other places dina and ant wont do anything until you are happy. amazing team amazing results


Posted Tuesday 18 Aug 2015 09:27 AM
I love coming to southport slimming clinic every week. Dina and Ant are so encouraging and motivational. It's the only fitness program I've ever stuck to. They really helped and supported me to reach a personal goal and I will be forever grateful to them for this.

Power Plates

Posted Tuesday 18 Aug 2015 09:09 AM
With 3 jobs and working 6 days a week I struggled to make the time to go to the gym 3-4 times a week for over an hour at a time. A friend recommended Southport Slimming Clinic as they had power plates which increased fitness and was more effective in a shorter time than the gym. I really enjoyed going to Power Plates once or twice a week and Dee made sure that I was always increasing my fitness with different exercises using the plates. I highly recommend Southport Slimming Clinic and its services.


Posted Tuesday 18 Aug 2015 08:46 AM
Very professional but a friendly atmosphere .. Would highly recommend to people..
I personally found slimming clinic effective..

Weight Loss & Power plates - Losing weight & getting fit isn't just for women!

Posted Monday 17 Aug 2015 02:25 PM
Losing weight & getting fit isn't just for women!

I started going to the clinic a while back, I was 20+ stone & my BMI was through the roof! Its hard as I work as a baker. I am now 11 stone & still attend for weighing & power plate sessions as now I have toned up & lost the weight I now want to focus on muscle, strength & stamina. The support has been great, not been made to feel rubbish or like a 5yr old if I have had a bad week. I can now go shopping with my friends & don't have to shop on-line for XXXL size clothing, My friends, family & colleagues are amazed & so pleased with my new, healthy & much improved shape. Sometimes us men think weight loss is only for women, but I was so unfit, struggled to go upstairs & do simple things that I knew I needed to do something.

The support has been a major aspect, as I am always encouraged to push myself a little bit more & shown how to do simple things at home, given advise on sugar contents & that low fat doesn't always mean healthier as often contains a lot of sugar.

Intolerance Test

Posted Monday 17 Aug 2015 02:10 PM
My little girl had had a cough for 14 months of her 2yr life, doctors, told me, it was probably asthma but couldn't test until she was older, her bowel flipped inside out & again told well she probably has allergies & intolerances but we don't like to test on young children as the test can be uncomfortable. All we were told was to get rid of the cat for 6 weeks, I pointed out that there would still be cat hair in the house. I felt I was being continually fobbed off. My friend told me about the clinic & I booked an appointment. It was such an easy test, a few strands of my daughters hair & we got to include 5 extra things that we used on a regular basis, such as her cough medicine, supplements, etc.

The results came back a week later & I returned to the clinic for a consultation about the findings, I was so surprised at some of the things she was intolerant to, carrots, a protein found in beef & cows milk, her cough mixture amongst many others. She was also deficient in various vitamins due to her intolerances. Dee, explained the results in detail & advised me as to how to deal with the I was shocked. She's not intolerant to cats!

We informed nursery & supplied them & everyone else with the results. From getting the results & axing out the things that she was intolerant to & from that time on she has been well, apart from the usual childhood ailments & if she does start with a cough or any other symptoms, it's normally due to her having been exposed to something she is intolerant to.

It really has been amazing to see such a difference in our daughter, she sleeps well & now so do we as she no longer wakes up coughing, she attends nursery whereas before she missed so much due to illness. She is a much happier little girl & we recently went on holiday & Dee even assisted me with the translations, so that we could inform the airline & hotel & they in turn made provisions for her during our holiday.

Thank you Dee for all your help & support, we still can't believe the changes in our little girl.

Intolerance Testing on my dog.

Posted Monday 17 Aug 2015 01:48 PM
Hi D,
I'd like to thank you for your help and advice for our little dog. The tests showed that she has many allergies and although it's hard to eliminate ALL influential sources, I can at least avoid most. It's helped so much, just to know exactly what we're trying to avoid and also finding ways around the things she can touch / eat etc.
She's much more comfortable now and hopefully over time her coat will grow back and she can live a wonderful life.
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